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Ebay Study Causing Backlash Against PPC?

You may have seen that Ebay have presented some research around a study concerning the effect of switching off branded paid search – read more hereĀ andĀ the full paper here. This is some cogent research however there are some important points to remember: Ebay is a huge and well known brand so these results do not … Continue reading

Legacy vs Enhanced Campaigns

Following Google’s announcement of Enhanced Campaigns, a new column has appeared in the Google AdWords interface that details whether a campaign has been upgraded or opted in and is now Enhanced or remains on the old Legacy settings. This column can help advertisers determine which campaigns require migration and where they are with the conversion … Continue reading

Third Party Tracking and the Device Black Hole

Now that AdWords campaigns can no longer be split out by device, this leaves advertisers with a significant tracking black hole. Tracking of AdWords relies on being able to split out targeting and then use tracking systems to identify which targets deliver the best ROI. If devices cannot be split out at any structural level … Continue reading

What to do now? Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

So Google has launched enhanced campaigns and there is nothing you can do about it. Whilst you are still trying to figure out what the positives of enhanced campaigns might be, you need to start thinking about what to do now. 1. Are you setting live new campaigns? New campaigns will by default opt into … Continue reading

A Long Awaited AdWords Site Links Update

With Google’s announcement of enhanced campaigns and as the Bing Yahoo! Network rolls out deep links in ads for the first time, Google have finally made some crucial updates to how advertisers use site links on their AdWords platform. Firstly, a pet hate of mine was the inability to properly edit site link ad extensions. … Continue reading

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Nuts and Bolts

Google have announced a change to campaign targeting settings. PPC professionals have long been used to a plethora of targeting options at campaign level: network, device, location, language, day part etc. Now, device targeting has been removed. From now on, all newly set up AdWords campaigns will be default target mobile, tablet and desktop devices … Continue reading

Google Announces AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: The Redefinition of Mobile

On Wednesday, in an official AdWords blog post, Google announced that they were going to revolutionise and utterly shake up paid search campaigns run through their AdWords system. Several years ago, Google made it possible to target desktop PCs, high end mobiles and tablets individually. As a best practice, Google advised advertisers to set up … Continue reading

The Trick with Enhanced Site Links

Google AdWords are rolling enhanced site links out of testing and making them globally available. This format involves each site link being followed by ad copy. Specifically, it is ad copy pulled into the site link from the account (not set up especially for enhanced site links). There are a few criteria to adhere to … Continue reading

Google Adwords Launch Matched Keywords Column

No longer is the PPC expert also a detective Google have added a new column to the Search Query Report (All Search Terms) called ‘Keyword’: When you compare this with the ‘search term’, you can now see what keywords are primarily triggering irrelevant impressions. For example, the keyword ‘ Advertisers can finally pinpoint which broad … Continue reading

Google Adwords Media Ads Moving On

Media Ads were launched by Google back in June 2011. At the time, Google was only prepared for the format to be utilised by movie distributors however they did envisage the format growing into other verticals shortly afterwards. This summer, I have seen several examples of use by TV channels in advertising their materials. The … Continue reading

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