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10 Things to know about Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Here is a rundown of some key changes brought about by enhanced campaigns. Remember these and you should be an expert ready to use enhanced campaigns.

1. No more device targeting
– this is the obvious and much-lamented change. You cannot choose which devices are targeted in each campaign: all will now target mobile, tablet and desktop.

2. Site links can be up to 25 characters. Historically, and in legacy campaigns, site links could be up to 35 characters, but this has now been reduced by Google. This is allegedly due to shorter site links performing better.

3. You can switch off mobile targeting. By setting your mobile bid adjustment to -100%, you will effectively be opting out of mobile impressions. Your ads will still by default appear on tablet and desktops.

4. You can set creative that will only appear on mobiles.
When you edit an ad, it has a tick box below it where you can set a device preference of mobile. This is useful for mobile tailored creative and mobile call to actions. However, if you set all your creative to being mobile preferred, this creative can and will appear across all three devices, so make sure you consider and set up creative for desktop/tablets too.

5. You can set different site links at ad group level.
You can also select different combinations of site links as you now set up one link at a time, rather than a group of links.

6. Each site link individually go through the approval process
. There is now a status/diagnosis bubble next to each site link stating its approval status.

7. Adwords Editor has not yet been upgraded to interface with these new settings so do make use of the settings in the AdWords UI.

8. The mobile bid adjustment is made at campaign level
. This means it applies to all ad groups within a campaign. You can make the change on the new ‘devices’ tab under campaign settings. On this tab, stats for each device type are displayed and there is a bid adjustment column – only the mobile bid can be adjusted, to be increased or decreased by a percentage amount.

9. You can still segment by device. Device type reporting is still available in Adwords so you can see the different levels of CTR and CPC for each device. This can help in choosing a mobile bid adjustment.

10. More competition
. By June, all advertisers will appear across all devices so be aware of the effect this will have on your individual device CPCs as well as your overall investment level.

Armed with this information, you should be able to go away and implement new enhanced campaigns and make the most of the new settings.


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