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What to do now? Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

So Google has launched enhanced campaigns and there is nothing you can do about it. Whilst you are still trying to figure out what the positives of enhanced campaigns might be, you need to start thinking about what to do now.

1. Are you setting live new campaigns?
New campaigns will by default opt into being ‘enhanced’. This means you do not need to create three campaigns, one over device, but just one campaign. Ensure your keyword bids take into account the fact they will be used to enter both tablet and desktop auctions and make sure you take advantage of using the campaign level mobile bid multiplier, especially if you are used to seeing lower CPCs on mobiles. Importantly, your enhanced campaign budget cap needs to encompass the total budget of what you would have given to three separate device campaigns, so make sure you set it high enough to attain impression share on all three devices.

2. Plan how to manage legacy campaigns
Within the next 6 months, Google will migrate all your legacy campaigns to the enhanced format. You can however migrate yourself and Google have put together detailed instructions on how to manage this dependent on the types of campaigns already live in your account. Start to plan how to migrate – ideally you want to do this yourself so that you can pick which campaigns to retain. If you have many accounts and campaigns, build a timeline with achievable goals for migration.

3. Start thinking multi-device
As PPC practitioners, we are so used to thinking granularly about one device, one match type, one network, one location etc. You now need to think about and plan your PPC campaigns as multi-device and multi-screen. Think about how your target audience might behave across devices – do you have any web analytics data that can provide insights into this or can you run web survey of your audience to find out? Are there different messages pertinent for desktop/tablet customers and mobile customers?

These are the initial steps to take with regards to enhanced campaigns. As you start using the new format, you will understand more the benefits and the differences, rather than just the obvious drawbacks. You may well find that it suits your business even better and saves you oodles of time with just one third the number of campaigns to optimise.



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