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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Nuts and Bolts

Google have announced a change to campaign targeting settings. PPC professionals have long been used to a plethora of targeting options at campaign level: network, device, location, language, day part etc. Now, device targeting has been removed. From now on, all newly set up AdWords campaigns will be default target mobile, tablet and desktop devices within one campaign. It will no longer be possible to set up one campaign per device. Instead, advertisers will be able to set a single keyword bid that will apply to desktop and tablet auctions, and a bid multiplier (between -100% and 300%) to apply to mobile auctions. This means that the only device advertisers can choose not to appear on is mobile, by setting a -100% mobile bid multiplier (useful for advertisers who present a poor user journey on site for their mobile visitors).

Google are treating tablet and desktop as the same – no setting can be specified for one of these and not the other. However, for mobile impressions from the single enhanced campaign, advertisers can set mobile specific creative as ‘mobile preferred’, mobile specific site links, day parting and location based bid multipliers. This is great for physical businesses or phone call based websites.

One addition to the interface that comes with enhanced campaigns is the ability to set site links at these group level and the long awaited individual site link level reporting. This is definitely a big positive for advertisers.

Google will migrate all AdWords campaigns to enhanced format later this year but in the meantime a new column has appeared in AdWords called ‘Enhanced’, detailing which of your campaigns are legacy and which are now enhanced. Google have produced extensive documentation on how to go about migrating campaigns from one per device to one single campaign in preparation for the enforcement which is expected to be sometime in the summer. Since this change has happened/is being enforced, let’s look on the bright side which is one third fewer campaigns to manage and optimise as three separately device targeted campaigns will become one multi-device campaign.




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