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The Trick with Enhanced Site Links

Google AdWords are rolling enhanced site links out of testing and making them globally available. This format involves each site link being followed by ad copy. Specifically, it is ad copy pulled into the site link from the account (not set up especially for enhanced site links).


There are a few criteria to adhere to if you want to appear with enhanced site links:
1. Ensure the landing page URL of your site links matches the landing URL of some of the creative in your account (tracking third party URLs do not interpose this because the system analyses the final resolved landing pages of the creative and site links)
2.  Make sure there is creative relevant to your site links live somewhere in the account or MCC
3. Make sure there are at least 4 creatives going to each site link URL (no duplicate ads and must not duplicate the ad copy of the main ad copy where you would like enhanced site links to appear)
4. Site links must be set up to go to different landing pages which must not be the same as the main headline link

Once these points are place there are still some reasons why you may not be seeing enhanced site links:
1. Your ad must be appearing in position 1
2. Site links must be be appearing – at least 2
3. Will not work where ads use dynamic keyword insertion

Obviously this format has a major benefit of taking up serious real estate in the above the fold search space. It can appear on smart phones, desktops and tablets. It provides a richer deep linking experience for the user since each site link is effectively described by the additional pulled in ad copy. It seems to lend itself best to advertisers with a several product range set up so that a campaign can have site links to each product and other product-specific campaigns are where the creative is pulled in from, e.g. a retailer or a holiday site.

What is the benefit to Google?
Google always reward relevance and in this format, Google are especially rewarding good account structure where site links are not arbitrary. More and more advertisers are using site links as simply additional ad copy space rather than as opportunities to deep link. Recently Google has been tightening site link policy such that advertisers must use them as intended so that the user experience is improved. Enhanced site links should only appear for well structured accounts with well thought out site links.

Google have stated they will not scan landing page content therefore so long as your creative landing page URL and site link URL match, advertisers could potentially use URLs that are not massively relevant  to either creative or site link just to take advantage of the format size and character length. Advertisers could insert ads into the account strategically in low volume campaigns just to meet the conditions for this format. However,if the ads were ever served in actuality in their native campaigns, the quality score would probably be low and the user journey poor.


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