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10 Ideas to Refresh Your Site Links

To maximise the performance of your site links, you should set up 10 links per campaign, and then the Google AdWords system automatically optimizes to the best to appear, up to a maximum of 6. Here are some top ideas on what your site links could be.

1. Mirror your website


Not on the high street’s website is focussed around gift buying for different types of people, the website is laid out to choose gifts based on this and the site links reflect the innovative categorisations of gifts available on the site.

2. Use up your 35 characters


Each site link can be up to 35 characters and utilising all or most of this can stand out and give you much more room to convince a user to click on your ad.

3. Use fractions


Most advertisers talk about sales and offers in terms of percentages such as 50% and if your competitive environment is full of this, stand out by using fractions. Obviously stick to simple fractions as above rather than 7/63. These can look quite unique in sitelinks. Be careful what symbols you use as some could get disapproved as nonstandard.

4. Use dashes


Long dashes can create space and draw the eye to what is after the dash as in the case above with the prices.

5. Play with space


Site links do not have to be uniform in length for the sake of symmetry. An asymmetric layout can draw the eye to the shortest or longest link.

6. Opportunity for keyword relevance


Maximise your relevance to a users search query by signalling to the user how your site has what they want and include core keywords in the site links.

7. Simply the range


Just using your site links to link to the different products in your range is simple yet effective.

8. Include an offer


9. All lowercase


It could look sloppy but it could also stand out.

10. Up sell and Cross sell


Use this opportunity to demonstrate what else you have to offer, complementary services and products that could result in additional or return business.

These are just 10 ideas to get you started but there are many other methods you can use to generate your ad site links. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments.


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