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Google Adwords Launch Matched Keywords Column

No longer is the PPC expert also a detective Google have added a new column to the Search Query Report (All Search Terms) called ‘Keyword’:


When you compare this with the ‘search term’, you can now see what keywords are primarily triggering irrelevant impressions. For example, the keyword ‘

Advertisers can finally pinpoint which broad or phrase matched keywords are habitual problem-causers and also this provides unique insight into what broad match actually encompasses. For example, I have a campaign bidding on ‘green tshirt’ on broad match, this is triggering ads when users are additionally searching for ‘blue tshirt’. This explains why I have quite a low CTR if my ad copy focuses on the colour of tshirts I sell. This demonstrates how wide a range of queries broad match can encapsulate and a need for careful negative matching.

Of course, if your ad groups are well themed, then you should already have covered off the main problem queries for your broad match keywords.

This can also highlight where you have too many keywords on broad match. For example, I am bidding on both ‘dab radio’ and ‘digital radio’ on broad match, but this new column has shown me that the search term ‘dab radio’ is additionally triggering ads via the keyword ‘digital radio’. This illustrates that I do not need to have both keywords on broad match as there is overlap which might be causing internal account competition and inflating my CPCs.

Something interesting to note is that historical data has been included so this is a backdated addition to the interface – Google always had it but just did not want to release it.



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