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Individual Device Targeting Now Available in Google Adwords

Following the update from Google allowing advertisers to target different OS systems under campaign device targeting settings back in January, the holy grail of targeting devices has now been unveiled by Google in the form of being able to target specified devices.

The first part of the update involves adding further operating systems to the OS targeting section:
Adwords device targeting operating systems

The additions include BlackBerry OS versions and updates to the other operating system versions available. This presents some great options to advertisers to target the right segments or the segments which ultimately convert best for them.

Crucially, device targeting has now evolved to include the option to select a specific device model itself:

Adwords device targeting device models

The options available are for iOS and Android phones only but there is a plethora of options under Android (obviously due to the Google link-up), from the Amazon Kindle Fire to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Wildfire.

An important consideration when using the new device models targeting is if the model is even available in the marketplace you are targeting – therefore, I would not recommend going to town with testing individual campaigns targeting each model or each manufacturer. These segments really should only be used by businesses for whom it is pertinent, i.e. those associated with the mobile industry, selling software, hardware, apps or accessories. I can already see some great campaigns by the likes of mobile phone recycling companies or phone case retailers.

As mentioned in the earlier post back in Jan, the mobile device options link up well with the data available in Google Analytics which does have this level of granularity. Targeting choices can therefore be made upon convertability from specific devices. To improve the efficiency of Paid Search Adwords campaigns, devices could be excluded which are poor to convert based on GA data.

There are a few more developments to come including the addition of several other manufacturers to the list such as BlackBerry. Furthermore, the main reason why Adwords has rolled out this update is due to the new availability of targeting mobile apps via the AdMob network. A new type of Display Network campaign can now be created just to target in-app and the ability to choose models is crucial for mobile advertising.




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