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Adwords Mobile Targeting now includes Wi-Fi!


Google Adwords mobile & tablet targeting options include operating systems and carrier targeting. One key limitation of this has been that no Adwords ads appear in search results when a user did not access mobile internet using their carriers 3g, e.g when connected to the Cloud or home wireless broadband. As a result, today Adwords launched a new globally available mobile targeting option – Wi-Fi.

Available under the variety targeting option, this functions as a catch-all for all other mobile internet situations outside of carrier provided 3g. Globally, it it’s significant because there are markets that had absolutely no carrier options prior to this release.

Previously, it was thought the wireless market were included when no specific carrier was selected.

It is important to consider how useful this is actually going to be. A few years ago, Wi-Fi had more usage as users were loathe to pay extortionate costs for poor 3g connection. Despite the cloud and open zone, carrier unlimited data plans and better 3g coverage mean that people are more willing to make use of 3g to access the internet than before. Recent stats from Japan suggest that this trend will only increase with the advent of 4g.

In sum though, this provides greater opportunities for users to see your ads and by including Wi-Fi, advertisers will be increasing their coverage. It may also be interesting to separate out a campaign targeting just Wi-Fi and one targeting all carriers as an indication of the split in terms of volume and also user intent – if users make use of 3g whilst out and about for quick research, they might actually convert at home on their Wi-Fi network (presently it seems users go home and convert on their desktops).

Next steps…please Google, can you split out the operating system targeting further.




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