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Adwords Click To Download Now With An Icon


Google Adwords are slowly starting to roll out more image options for text ads in paid search results. We already have product extensions and the beta product listings.

Click To Download Refresher

Click to download has been around for a while for mobile-targeted campaigns. They function when the display URL of an ad is the iTunes or Android Market app stores followed by ‘/APP_NAME’ and the destination URL goes to the download page for the app. It cannot be enabled as such or selected as an ad extension. Rather, Google automatically replaces the display URL with the download option:

‘Download from iTunes’ and the Android iteration can only be served on the correct operating system therefore Google automatically target the correct operating system for the advertiser – it actually makes sense for the advertiser to also target their ads correctly for OS if they are driving app downloads.

So What’s New

The ads now contain an additional logo which is automatically pulled into the ad from the download page:

Icon in Click To Download Ad

This format is now aligned with the organic instant answer from Google from the app store which contains a logo too:organic app results

The logo can also be clicked on to go through to the landing page.

I imagine that this come as Google is realising that the main driver for advertisers to target specific devices is products which are for those devices specifically and apps are a huge industry. Google have realised that users are unlikely to search for their insurance quotes on smartphones and that is why advertisers have been slow to enter the mobile market for these sorts of industries. By making the app download ad even more enticing, Google is not only driving more user clicks on the ad but also attracting app advertisers to invest in mobile targeting on Adwords.



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