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Adwords Tablet Targeting – Why Bother?

So Google Adwords has made available targeting tablet PCs (and their operating systems and carriers) separate from desktop and mobiles but why is this important

I imagine Google has discovered for one thing that there are a lot of advertisers out there who want to target iPad owners with iPad kit etc. and this would provide the most granular solution for them. But from the advertiser’s point of view, targeting campaigns for tablets separate from desktops and mobiles will be useful.

1. Metrics

Google has long allowed segmenting by device where ‘Other’ is tablets. However by setting up tablet-only campaigns, advertisers can view all their metrics separately including conversions. This means that all metrics can be split out and then advertisers can see desktop without tablet and tablet without desktops. This can allow advertisers to view the differing CTRs and CPCs for tablets, desktop and mobiles – all three may exhibit differences in metrics due to how users interact on Google Search on them.

2. Demographics

It is not unreasonable to assume that tablet owners are likely to be of a specific demographic – potentially more techy, trendy, modern, affluent or business-types. This demographic could be targeted using tablet Adwords so for example if you find that your business is not getting the right quality of leads via desktop targeting as it is too mass-market, tablet may well be the right avenue for you where your business is looking for one of the ‘tablet demographics’.The below graph shows what the income and age range is of iPad owners versus iPhone owners:

Demographics of iPad Owners

This shows how iPad owners are typically more likely to be earning more than $100k over smartphone owners but skewing to age 25-36 – i.e. young professionals. (Other tablets may have different skews, e.g. iPad is more trendy as an Apple product that BlackBerry PlayBook or Dell’s tablet).

The demographics will of course change as more and more previously desktop-Pc purchasers switch to the tablet-format as the devices become more sophisticated. However, this article makes a good point in that there are still a wide variety of tasks that desktop PCs are used for which tablets are not as yet adapted to.

3. Reaching Users In A Specific Environment

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about multi-media use – i.e. watching TV whilst being on a laptop. Another Nielsen research piece shows that 70% of Tablet owners will use it whilst watching TV:
Tablet Use In Situations

Similarly, this shows other environments that cannot necessarily be reached with desktop PCs such as in meetings, commuting (more of a smartphone domain) and in the bathroom. These niche times of day are now being covered by Adwords advertising.

4. Early Adopters Will Benefit

As with the mobile targeting domain, getting into the market for your specific product or service early is key. Building up device-specific QS and account history can ensure lower CPCs and high CTRs in the future. The stakes in the tablet market are currently low but there is no harm in restructuring campaigns to ensure that if this does explode in the next few years, your ads are already well embedded in the search space.

5. My mobile campaigns did not convert well, why should I bother with tablets?

Again, consider the demographics and the mindset of the users. Smartphone users are still reluctant to purchase on the web on mobile devices. Tablets are seen as more of a replacement or akin to desktops/laptops and thereby have more trust associated with them. Similarly, the screens are larger and therefore the landing-pages can be the same as desktop campaigns, whereas mobile campaigns need landing pages which are stripped down, simple and non-Flash heavy. The tablet-user mindset is more like the desktop-user but, as mentioned above, the situation where the tablet-user can be found is more diverse. Thus setting up tablet campaigns will be worthwhile and conversions will come! (Also, you will not be able to tell if tablets are converting unless you take the plunge and split them out).

Lastly, you have nothing to lose

Apart from taking the time to duplicate campaigns and specifically device-target them plus having additional campaigns to monitor and optimize, advertisers can not be at a disadvantage for doing this. So go ahead, and let me know how the campaigns perform!




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