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Google Beta Tests

Adwords Communication Ad Extensions

Webranking have posted an article about a new Google Adwords beta test for communication ads.

Adwords Communication Ad Extensions

Just as mobile ads can click to call or click to download app, now desktop ads have a new extensions utilising email forms and call backs. We reported last September on a contact form ad extensions Google were beta-testing in the US but this new ad extensions appears to have moved on from this in quite a sophisticated fashion.

As with the updates to call metrics which allow users to use Google forwarding numbers where they do not have their own call numbers, this tool also uses the Google numbers and in that way can protect users direct phone numbers.

Both options open out a short data capture form which Google email on to the advertiser.

Webranking make a useful point that using this extension on brand terms may be without value due to the nature of brand terms searchers probably already being familiar with the brand.

As yet I have not seen these extensions myself but look forward to use them in the future.  This beta-test has now ended and therefore we are unlikely to see them again in this format.


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