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Rich Media in Search Ads from Yahoo

Yahoo’s rich media ads are now available to UK advertisers. Here is one present example:

We now have more info around how the format works.

1. Only for brand terms – cannot use on generic terms and on the brand term, the RAIS ad will be the only one showing (competitors are scraped). You cannot run normal Search ads on Yahoo alongside this ad format for the same keywords – Yahoo automatically pauses these.

2. Only on exact match – if you want the ad to appear for common misspells, they must be submitted to Yahoo on exact match as the format cannot be bought on advanced Yahoo match type.

3. Non-CPC based – the ad format is bought on a one-off tenancy cost (usually 1-2 months) on the basis of estimated costs for the brand terms advertisers submit to Yahoo.

4. Yahoo reports track impressions, clicks, CTR for all the clickable areas in the ad, search queries, CTR for keywords, shares of video via emails, and video metrics including 10 second splits.

5. Pixel tracking is not allowed but the RAIS is compatible with third-party systems.

6. Deep links (equivalent of site links) can number up to 4



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