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Site Links Embedded in Ad Copy

Search Engine Land are reporting seeing hyperlinks within description line 1 and 2 of ads. This is occurring where the site link copy is identical to ad text copy, therefore Google is just turning the ad text into the site link.

Embedded Site Link

embedded site links

This happens when an ad is set up to have site links but does not meet the CTR threshold despite appearing in one of the top 3 ad positions. Instead of displaying the site links, if any one site link matches the text in the link, it appears embedded. This should make site links available for more users.

I am not sure if this is positive – it is removing the site link (which takes up room and creates more impact on the search results page) and the hyperlink within the body may not be that noticeable nor intuitive to the average Google user.

Summary of Site Link Options

1. At high ad quality and high CTR in positions 1-3 – up to 6 site links over 3 lines

2. Medium quality, medium CTR, positions 1-3 – 1-4 site links over 1 line

3. Lower quality, lower CTR, positions 1-2 but site links still enabled and wording featured in creative text – embedded site link



2 thoughts on “Site Links Embedded in Ad Copy

  1. Hi!

    Is it possible to do this manually or is is up to Google?


    Posted by Manca Korelc | August 11, 2011, 10:39 am
    • Hi Manca,
      Embedded site links cannot be set up but will appear for any ads where:
      1. Site links are set up in Adwords
      2. Part of the ad copy matches one of the site links
      3. Ad quality is too low for either one-line or two-line site links to appear
      4. Appearing as a top ad – above organic results

      I have not seen this appearing very often suggesting there are not many ads which fit these criteria.
      I also imagine Google have yet to decide what the CTR threshold quality level for this type of site link is.

      Posted by jk73 | August 11, 2011, 9:29 pm

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