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Integrating the Weather into your PPC Strategy

So here’s a bit of background – I was reading this post which referred me to this article which suggests:

“An advertiser could set an ad campaign that says if the weather is cold and rainy for four days in a row, increase my budget for [ads for] get-away vacations by 10%,” says Varian.

This sounds like something which might be built into Automated Rules in the future.

From my own experience, there is some great activity going on to capitalize on weather trends, such as snow messaging. However, there is an overarching effect on activity by the weather – more people online when it’s snowing and fewer people at their computers when it is sunny (such as the last few months of excellent weather in the UK when traffic certainly fell).

Imagine if advertisers had the ability to automatically change their creative/budget caps based on the weather forecast – currently many advertisers do this more manually. If Adwords could automatically adjust bids, budgets or even ad creative based on temparature where ads are being shown, this could affect advertiser CTR but also efficiency greatly.



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