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2010: A year of terrible Adwords ads

I like finding great Google Adwords creative – I often post them on here, such as the great Ann Summers messaging around the General Election. But sometimes advertisers get it so wrong. This is a great article of some really poor ads from Econsultancy however here are a few I’ve find over the past year:

10. When Metrobank entered the news this is what appeared on searching for it:

They really need to re-think their online presence, particularly as people would search for them based on ATL activity.

9. Broad Match Modifier is a great advancement, but incorrect implementation can leave advertisers looking a little red-faced:

8. Symbols overkill:

7. Yourshack of Manchester had 2 very poor campaigns off the back of 2 search explosions. Firstly, the political leaders debate in the run up to the General Election, they appeared again ‘political debate’:

The creative is good but this Manchester-specific advertiser were appearing UK-wide and probably had an appalling CTR and were offline quicker than the time it took them to come up with this crazy idea. Unlikely to win PPC ad of the year, and neither was their other offering during the volcanic ash crisis:

Trying to piggy back on high volume terms can work well in some cases, (e.g. snow ads by Peugeot) however Yourshack just had a too low CTR with such a specific ad and too tangential subject matter – there was no connection between them and the debate or the volcanic ash unfortunately and that’s why they made this list! The opposite is true of some of the other volcanic ash advertisers – more on them here.

6. A little too aggressive in the digital camera market:

5. This magazine subscription website was advertising on keywords related to toilet furniture:

4. I don’t think any user would be convinced by these horridly repetitive ads in the search environment of the back of a popular TV campaign:

I imagine even the real advertiser will suffer from this activity.

3. In incredibly poor taste:

2. I just plain don’t get it!

1. And even Google themselves can’t always get it right. The first ad has the name pushed together without a space and the second is in a foreign language (appearing in the UK):



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