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New Yahoo Rich Content Ads – Now Rolling Out

Yahoo will be shortly rolling out a new ad format that includes images (e.g. logo), videos, multiple links (like Google site links) and direct search box to search the site:

The above picture demonstrates how the video thumbnail expands out to an embedded video. Unlike Google site links which can occupy up to 2 lines below the search ad and therefore increase the ad space, the Yahoo links appear directly below the main link. The search box in this example is to search by postcode. It’s unclear if this search box can be used in any other way – i.e. not search, but for example begin the purchase process/data capture process depending on the type of service.

Initial tests in the US suggest an increase in CTR of 25%. This is likely to be true as I’ve seen Google site links solely increase CTR by 10-15%.

Apparently the content is drawn from the website highlighting the importance of well optimized rich content sites. The ads are only available on single brand terms for the initial roll out (no competition terms, just the top ad). Due to this restriction, the benefits for the advertiser are not as high as for the search engine. Yahoo are likely to see a higher portion of brand clicks through the paid ad. However, they may well roll out further (just as Google rolled out site links even to generics in the end) as this will promote competition for top position preference and increase Yahoo’s profits.

These will be rolling out UK-side shortly now.

Also just seen this – is this the same thing?

Staples have what appears to be their logo appearing beside their URL, as well as an official site stamp (this does not look very attractive unfortunately), but does signal the main brand URL for the non-discerning search user.


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