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Update on Google Instant Preview Windows

The preview window function was previously test by Google it has now been rolled out via a small magnifying glass next to organic results which can be hovered over to bring up the window. The window does cover the Google Adwords ads (just as Google’s other update – local Places search).

Some sites have a highlighted piece of text picked out which can be beneficial in terms of attracting click through and also encouraging to sites to improve content.
Not all sites include this keyword paragraph highlight:

Missing out the highlighted paragraph does not seem to have too much affect on the innovation though – in fact I prefer the previews without. It is more beneficial when your search is for information and the paragraph can give you a preview of the kind of info on the site. Where you are looking for example for a tv guide site, you may not necessarily care for a keyword paragraph picked out, rather prefer seeing the visual of the site as a good indicator.
We are seeing previews for news sites however not through New Search, only if they are featured on the main Google search page.
The above example shows that you can also see what kind of a site it is, e.g. saturated with ads? Advertisers could also take advantage of the previews by having large brand messaging in banners on preview pane pages – I wonder if this will count as a display ad impression?

Also, sites that have a high amount of rich content do not preview well:

Also noticing that in cases where sites are entirely flash-based, e.g. perfume promotion sites, these are not being given previews as Google cannot run those. Update – apparently Google are working on a fix for this




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