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My Google Adwords Site Links Were Disapproved…Now What?

Why are Google Adwords Site Link Ad Extensions being disapproved?

The site links system has always been automated and in fact not very well regulated when it sat within the Setting tab in the Adwords UI.

However it has recently moved to the new Ad Extensions tab and site links do now go through some form of an approval process. This is ultimately to filter out non-permissable trademark use, use of non-standard characters and symbols and also this point:
“We require each sitelink to lead to a different landing page”

Although all 3 of these issues still go on and are often approved, it seems 1 in 100 cases will see a disapproved site link ad extension. My reason was that all my landing pages were the same, however I do have some approved site links all with the same landing page.

I would still say that Google find it difficult to police site links and it is definitely something about the way in which they are input into the UI.

So what to do if your site links are disapproved?

  • Check that you have at least 1 of your site links going to a different landing page
  • If you do not have different landing pages, try to resubmit the site links and hope they slip through the system or build new landing pages!
  • Make sure you are not using Unicode or HTML symbols in your site links which are not part of your company name
  • Do not use a telephone number as a site link – Google has click to call extensions for this!
  • Do not use a gimmicky statement such as click here or hit our plus 1 button
  • Do not overcapitalize
  • Check for over-using punctuation


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