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Google Instant Search Live

Google now intuitively provides results as you type queries into the search box, called Google Instant. There are many theories around what this will do to paid search – it could result in more longer tail queries as user ‘preview’ the shorter-tail results, reduce the longer-tail effectiveness as users click on a result sooner, increase impressions and reduce CTR and therefore QS increasing advertising costs and also we may see advertisers bid on really short stubs of keywords, e.g. ‘ho’ for ‘hotel’ to get in early in the users results. It’s interesting and it’s quite revolutionary – it will make a huge difference, with both positive and negatives.

In terms of functionality, it counts as an impression if the results are displayed statically for a minimum of 3 seconds, or if the user selects a query/hits the search button, or if the user clicks on a link on the results page. Overall, it should speed up the searching process and highlights just how fast a search engine Google is. It doesn’t seem to update if you hit backspace which is annoying.

Any other thoughts?


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