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Unveiled: Google Realtime Search

It’s here: http://www.google.com/realtimesearch

The Google version of Bing Social, Realtime, now has its own separate portal page. Previously up to the second updates (news + social media) could be found by selecting ‘Updates’ in the left panel:

Google Updates

How to get Google Updates before

This updates automatically when new feed data arrives from Facebook, Twitter and a whole lot more.

Overall the look is neat with calendar/time of post functionality at the top:

Timeline image

You can also whittle down by location which could have many useful applications, such as finding some local news, keeping up to date with a favourite place abroad, checking out what’s going at a holiday destination.

Whilst Bing social often looks cluttered, with those speech bubbles, Realtime search, as with all things Google, is easy on the eye and easy to use. Google misses out on the top trending topics which Bing provides in a nice snapshot.

Not sure how useful this is going to be – I can’t think of anything I’d want to search for on either platform. Bing Socials trending topics is sometimes interesting to see what is going on but most results from a query are just plain rubbish/irrelevant – e.g. search for ‘kevin spacey’ today regarding the new story around Richard III and Bing doesn’t even seem to register this fact on ‘public updates:
Bing Social is not that useful

Google Realtime does pick it up and I can’t stress enough the usefulness of the timeline for research, for example. Sticking with the same example, you can find when Spacey has been in the news earlier this year – just widen out to the whole year and then zoom into a place where the graph peaks, e.g. 29 March there was news that his film ‘Casino Jack’ has found a distributor. Still…there is a lot of rubbish and it can still be difficult to track back why a query trends highly on a certain day.

Any ideas what you will be using Realtime search/Bing Social for?



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