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Yahoo Japan Snubs Bing

Yahoo Japan has chosen to partner with Google instead of Bing – Yahoo has 57% market share in Japan, with Google at 30% and Bing with 3%. Yahoo Japan are able to sign this deal as Yahoo is only a minority shareholder in the search engine in Japan.

In the US, Microsoft has begun testing powering Yahoo searches with Bing, and—if things go well—Microsoft may be handling about 25 percent of Yahoo Search traffic with Bing, and begin transitioning Yahoo search partners to Microsoft’s adCenter service this year. Up to 25% of its search traffic in the U.S. may see organic listings from Microsoft, and up to 3.5% may see paid listings from Microsoft adCenter.

Microsoft has advanced four percentage points in the US search market after the years $100m ad campaign and billions poured into R&D. Reports suggest Bing’s growth is from existing Live.com users rather than Google converts.



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