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Jumping on the Festivals bandwagon with Google Adwords

Festival season is upon us and each year this phenomenon is certainly growing in the UK, as more and more people want to see live music and get the whole Glasto experience. There are so many festivals now and it can be big business with most revellers choosing to camp.

So what are Google Adwords advertisers doing to gain some of these muso’s with money as customers?

The two least interesting ads have got to be for festival clothing and MSN hoping to be a music portal for the revellers:

MSN have just used Dynamic Keyword Insertion and are bidding on ‘festival’ – the creative is not very imaginative and I find it unlikely festival-goers will want to go onto such a mainstream site for music news. Missimo is also barking up the wrong tree – festival-goers are unlikely to buy something new and shiny when all they are going to do is get muddy. Primark is more the festival-goers friend!

Google/Youtube have also been running a campaign that involve Glasto to show how versatile the search engine is and how all festival information is at the searchers fingertips:

A combination of search and display links through to this video which uses a variety of Google tools to find Glasto tickets, get a tent, google voice search, map sat nav, google translate. The video is actually quite a sweet love story I guess…

The runner up for best festival advertiser goes to National Express coaches (who did great Adwords work on the Train Strike earlier this year). Now having a festival-specific site link:

National Express Festivals Site Link

My favourite festivals Google Adwords ad:

Energizer Batteries Festivals Adwords ad

This is great work – I bet many people forget batteries when packing for festivals and this way Energizer is at the forefront of campers minds this summer. Well done Energizer!



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